Welcome to the Online Nova-T Timetable Viewer

Displays timetable data exported from the Nova-T application without needing to print it. The display is interactive allowing matching classes to be displayed by clicking on a given cell. A by-year summary is also displayed underneath.

Note: it seems Nova-T has disabled the ability to copy class information to the clipboard. I am not aware of a workaround.

Instructions for use:

  1. Use the Copy feature in Nova-T to copy the required timetable data to the clipboard in "tab delimited" format.
  2. Right click on the Box below and paste all of the data in.
  3. Press the view timetable button.

Clicking on a cell will show you any matching lessons. Summary items at the bottom can also be clicked.

Updated version

Better handling of the week and class splits has been added. A clear data button has also been added.

Example screenshot

The following example shows a typical timetable with week one and two shown side by side.

One lesson has been selected and the other matching lessons have been highlighted.

(Note: This image has been reduced in size)